Pre-Arrangement Information

Natasha Goulet
 Pre-arrangement Director

"As difficult as it may be, it is a wise family that ensures everything is in place BEFORE the death occurs, because the emotional upheaval of coping with a death is enough to bear by itself without having to make all the difficult and usually permanent decisions that are required." - Dr. Bill Webster, Grief Therapist

Pre-planning is an important and responsible step that can save both emotional and financial distress. Every year tens of thousands of Canadians pre-arrange their funerals and statistics continue to show that more families than ever are making funeral arrangements in advance.

We offer a variety of pre-payment programs which allow you to control cost, avoid emotional overspending and protect your family against inflation. Our directors can meet with you in your home or at our funeral home to explain the various programs and answer any questions. We can provide you with Canada Pension Plan and Veterans benefit information and a "Personal Arrangement Guide" booklet in which to record and organize all of your important personal records. That way the protection you planned for will be there when your family needs it the most.

Why should I consider pre-planning services?

*Guaranteed Price- All funeral home service charges, livery and merchandise items are price guaranteed.

*Substantial Savings- You decide now what type of arrangements you want and how much you want to spend.

*Security- Ontario law requires 100% of your money to be deposited in a special trust fund.

*Convenience- Arrangements can be made in our funeral home or in the comfort, privacy and security of your home.

*Transferability- In the event you move from our neighbourhood, your funds are fully transferable to any funeral home in Canada.

*Modification- You can modify your arrangements at any time.

*Eliminate Doubt- Spare your family the emotional stress of making decisions during a difficult time. It takes away uncertainty and avoids any potential disagreements.

*Responsible Estate Planning- A pre-need funeral contract offers your family inflation protection. It is also important to remember not to place your wishes in your will as wills are usually read after the funeral has taken place.

What are the benefits of pre-planning funeral services?

Addressing so many decisions in advance when you are emotionally and financially prepared to handle them just makes sense. It is a fiscally responsible approach for something so important; it is planning for you and your family’s future.

What steps should I take next?
At Goulet Funeral Home, we offer a pre-planning program that can be tailored to satisfy your individual needs. Arrangements may be made at the funeral home or even in the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you would like more information about pre-planning services for you or for a loved one, please feel free to contact us directly at (613) 432-2849, or simply complete and submit our convenient online information request form.

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